Japanese facelift

The Japanese facelift is one or our star massages.

It is a very complete treatment, where apart from the Japanese Kobido technique (massage against wrinkles and expression lines), we include a cleansing – exfoliating, lymphatic drainage of the neck and face; neck, face and head massage, and moisturising mask with flash effect.

All products used are natural with fascinating scents

The Japanese facelift is a non-surgical facelift that tones the face, strengthens the facial physiognomy and improves its appearance by increasing blood flow, lymphatic drainage and increasing collagen and elastin, important for healthy skin. Kobido massage is believed to have originated in warrior Japan. Samurai seemed to massage their faces to calm their minds after arduous battles and to boost their inner strength.

However, the empress noticed that this treatment produced a luminous appearance and also soothed headaches. The empress took the idea back to the imperial household and from then on it became fashionable among royalty members.

Most of these patients “are women in their 30s and 50s and some men” who are looking for non-invasive alternatives to smooth wrinkles or brighten a complexion worn by age, UV rays or pollution.

The process is composed of traditional oriental experience, where the aim is to relax the facial muscles and internal organs. Knowledge of the Qi or vital force, the energy of the face and body, and the energetic balance to mould the emotions. These are the fundamentals of Japanese facial massage.

It is a therapy that improves the appearance and texture of the skin of the face when it begins to lose elasticity. With the passage of time and the years, the muscles lose strength. And the purpose of this treatment is to give greater strength to both the muscles and skin fibres. You should bear in mind that daily or frequent exercise will also improve the treatment. The more you do, the more relaxed you can feel, which greatly helps to avoid the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines and all those annoying expression lines. But if you add to the Japanese facelift facial exercises and a little diet to balance your health you will notice how your whole face glows.