Slimming anti-cellulite massage

It is a quick and not very strong massage, as it acts on the connective tissue, which helps to improve the irrigation and the lymphatic – venous drainage.

In NaturMijas, apart from using our hands, as they are our best tool to break the fat, we use silicone suction cups, which thanks to their suction, stimulate the microcirculation, and bamboo canes, which due to their oval shape, help to smooth the skin and enhance the buttocks.

Slimming process occurs because the fatty acids and toxins accumulated in the treated area are released. The procedure is extensive so there is no general definition. The most important thing about a slimming massage is that it activates the blood circulation, provides heat to the connective tissue and helps to reduce the swelling of the adipose tissues.

Slimming massages are manipulations of localised mass at the level of the adipose tissues. This not only relieves stress but also reduces the volume of accumulated fat and thus the contour of the affected area.

In order for the cellulite removal treatment to be effective, and considering for example the degree of affectation of the cellulite as well as the characteristics of the patient, the patient must attend at least four or five times in order to start obtaining good results.

On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account the need to combine these massages with diet, exercise and creams for the results to be really noticeable. After several sessions, it is possible to lose up to four sizes.

It must be taken into account that what is lost in these cases is volume or body contouring, but never weight.

In addition to the aesthetic component of this type of massage, it is important to consider that it also contributes to the relief of stress and mental relaxation of the patient.

In any case, it is essential not to forget that in order to reduce cellulite it is necessary to modify our diet. The fundamental bases of the anti-cellulite diet are simple, and are basically based on good eating habits which help to eliminate toxins and lose weight. Exercise is also a fundamental factor in the fight against cellulite.