Relaxing massage

It is a slow and deep massage in the whole body, with sedative touches to relax both body and mind, freeing you from stress.


The relaxing massage is an ancient manual technique, which does exist in almost all cultures. The basic function of this massage, as its name expresses, is to relax, not to treat any pain or disease, although it indirectly causes improvements in minor muscular problems:


  • It helps stressed people.
  • It relieves those who are suffering from anxiety.
  • The contact provided by a relaxing massage is also very beneficial for people with depression.
  • For those people who spend many hours sitting or standing and may have minor circulation problems or fluid retention, as the passes stimulate these points.
  • If you learn the movements to do it at home, it improves communication with your partner and your relationship in general.
  • It helps to alleviate minor muscular pains such as lumbago, cervical pain, etc. (if they are not minor, then therapeutic massage is better).