Deep tissue massage

This is a deep and vigorous massage. It can be done on the whole body, or concentrated on the upper part of the body (back, neck, shoulders, head).

It is a specific massage to remove the so-called “contractures” and muscular tension accumulated in different parts of the body, which cause so much pain. It is also a very relaxing massage, as it relieves all stress.

What is its effect?

The therapeutic effect of this massage is used to improve circulatory function, recover the mobility of muscular tissues that may be damaged, relieve or reduce pain, provide wellbeing and relaxation.

However, when we speak strictly of the term “therapeutic massage”, we are referring to the type of massage intended for the treatment of pathological processes in sick and injured persons. The technique will consist of a number of manoeuvres aimed at treating the discomfort or injuries that have been previously diagnosed.

The manoeuvres have been carefully studied and are based on anatomy and muscular and facial physiology. It is performed under medical prescription and must be carried out by those professionals who are trained to guarantee the effectiveness of the treatment.

Benefits of therapeutic massage:

  • Mechanical: the mechanical forces related to each massage manoeuvre affect the tissues.
  • Physiological: relieves tiredness, it is associated with the practice of gentle exercise and gymnastics, and thermal baths.
  • Preventive: these are fulfilled when a tense or possibly injured area is located by palpation, when it is delimited, and when it is communicated to the subject receiving the massage and when it is treated. In this way, two of the therapist’s functions are fulfilled: to educate, and to promote health by advising that the massage should be combined with moderate exercise, to improve general wellbeing, and also to ensure the treatment being long-lasting.
  • Therapeutic: when massage is used to improve circulatory function, restore restricted mobility between damaged tissues, relieve or reduce pain, or to optimise sensory awareness. Therapeutic massage should only be performed by trained persons.
  • Aesthetic-hygienic: when its purpose is to improve the external appearance of the person, eliminating fat deposits, restoring muscle tone and relaxing tiredness. It also has hygienic results, since eliminating tiredness in a healthy person produces an aesthetic result.
  • Sports: when it is carried out to prepare an athlete for competitive purposes before, during and after practice.
  • Psychological-emotional, or for relaxation: the contact of experienced hands provides security and comfort, at the same time as it regulates and relieves psychophysical tension.
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