Bamboo sticks massage

The bamboo sticks massage, also known as “bamboo therapy”, is a relatively new technique that is becoming increasingly popular due to its benefits, which go beyond muscle relaxation.

Origin of bamboo cane massage

A French therapist Gil Amsallem is credited with creating the technique around 2003. However, the history of bamboo therapy may be older, as it seems that some Chinese therapists were already using small bamboo canes on their clients, applying the massage mainly on the feet and face.

The bamboo therapy technique uses bamboo sticks or canes of different sizes and thicknesses, which vary for different parts of the body. The sticks are applied firmly to the body, gently sliding over the body, rolling and passing over the relief of our anatomy. These movements help to reduce unwanted shapes, burn fat and… a higher self-esteem the next day!

It should be noted that bamboo has a smooth surface and its fibres are light and antibacterial.

Benefits and results

Bamboo sticks massage is known for its aesthetic results, such as reducing sizes, combating localised fat and cellulite, muscle relaxation and stress relief.

It is great advantage is the elimination of body fat, often more effective than lymphatic drainage. The massage, as well as having a relaxing effect, reduces tension and stress, releasing more energy for the body, leaving the skin more supple, thus helping in the reduction of localised fat and other benefits.


Among others, bamboo therapy is an excellent tool in the following cases:

  • Cellulite
  • Localised fat
  • Flaccidity
  • Reduction of body size
  • Skin cleaning
  • Cell renewal